SCHOOL ORDER FORM 2020 NCEA Mathematics Practice Assessment Task

The Kohia Centre is now selling practice assessment tasks for all externally assessed mathematics achievement standards, together with their associated assessment schedules.

  • Level One Mathematics and Statistics (including MCAT)
  • Level Two Mathematics and Statistics
  • Level Three Statistics
  • Level Three Calculus

The cost is $70 per level or $195.00 for a set of four. The school will be invoiced payable by the 20th of the following month.

Although every effort has been made to ensure the relevance of the content you may need to tailor this resource to your school’s needs.

These papers should be kept secure until LABOUR WEEKEND.  This will allow schools to use them for their practice exams which could be used for compassionate passes, if required.

Available now.


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HelpIf you choose 'Full set',  you will be sent ALL papers (set of four).

*PLEASE NOTE: By submitting this order, you agree not to redistribute these papers to others outside of your Maths faculty.

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